Teal Star Mission

Teal Star

A journey from 22 to none

Teal Star seeks to honor the families of service members who have lost their battle to PTSD through recognition, awareness, education, and advocacy to go from 22 to none.

Stand with Adopt a Soldier on our mission to eliminate the loss of our soldiers and veterans to PTSD and recognize our Teal Star Families.

AAS invites military family members who have suffered a loss to reach out. Adopt a Soldier believes all those who served deserve the honor due to them from every American. AAS wants these families to hold their heads high, speak openly, receive support in reverence of their loved one.

Teal Star is about providing a platform for:

  • Strength and love by building community
  • Honor to those lost as a casualty of PTSD
  • Education to normalize those living with PTSD without judgment
  • Creation of safe spaces to lead difficult conversations
  • And most importantly, healing